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The mission of the enterprise is to develop and profit, and to increase the tax and national development. Enterprises must assume the responsibility of development, do a good job of economic development, to the development as the center and development as the prerequisite to continuously expand the scale of enterprises to expand the tax share to complete the tax task for the country to make a major contribution to development. But this concept of development must be scientific, and any enterprise can not just look ahead, regardless of the long-term, can not only local, regardless of the overall situation, but not only their own, regardless of neighborliness. Therefore, no matter which enterprise, should attach great importance to the "five co-ordination" under the guidance of the scientific concept of development.
    China is a particularly scarce resource per capita in the country, the development of enterprises must be compatible with the conservation of resources. Enterprises can not trade-off, regardless of the overall situation. As an entrepreneur, we must stand on the global position, adhere to sustainable development, a high degree of attention to conservation of resources. And to be determined to change the mode of economic growth, develop a recycling economy, adjust the industrial structure. In particular, to respond to the central call, the implementation of "going out" strategy, make good use of two resources and two markets to ensure the safe operation of the economy. In this way, our development can be sustained, and then double the goal can be achieved.