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Military Group recruitment of a financial officer+

Job Description:

description of job:
Chongqing Military Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in February 2014, is located in the northern section of Huangshan Road, New District, No. 60, is in the Southwest Computer Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jian'an Instrument Co., Ltd., Chongqing, the US communications limited liability company, Automobile limited liability company based on the integration of large-scale local military industrial group. The Group is principally engaged in the R & D of electronic products, the integration of electronic information systems and the development of related technologies. The Group invests in electronic product R & D projects and electronic information system integration projects, and sells electronic products, computers, instruments and meters, environmental monitoring equipment and electrical machinery and equipment.
According to the work needs, Chongqing Military Industry Group Co., Ltd. to be open recruitment of financial officers 1
First, the conditions of application
(A) the basic conditions
1, love the party, love the motherland, love enterprise, law-abiding, a good character and professional ethics, loyal to their duties, love and dedication, dedication.
2, a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, rigorous style of work, have good interpersonal communication skills, organizational coordination and team spirit.
3, the work of a passionate, innovative pioneering spirit, within the scope of responsibilities to take the initiative and creativity to work.
4, with the normal performance of the physical conditions of responsibility.
(B) post service conditions
1, the financial staff
(1) Basic requirements:
Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above; Bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting and other related majors; Qualifications of financial management related qualification; Qualifications of accountant and above title; Member of the Communist Party of China; English level four, Computer two or above; Has a strong logical thinking ability. Conditions may be appropriate to relax a special talent.
(2) Job responsibilities:
Drafting the financial budget of the company, checking the implementation of the budget, responsible for the financial analysis of the company, responsible for the current account, the bank account reconciliation work, responsible for the payment of wages, tax payment, accounting treatment, participation in financial accounts, the preparation of accounting statements, Responsible for the daily audit of the company's accounting, supervision of the implementation of the daily financial system, custody of financial instruments, management of accounting files.
Second, the registration time, manner and location
Time: March 14, 2016 - April 13th
Method and location: Candidates should bring their resumes (with standard photos) and related materials to the Chongqing Military Industry Group Co., Ltd. (North New Huangshan Road, 60 Middle Electromechanical Building), Room 1008 Registration.
Third, the interview
Interviews mainly test the overall quality of job candidates required.
According to resume screening to determine a certain person to participate in the interview. The interview team composed of leaders and experts of Chongqing Military Industry Group Co., Ltd. comprehensively evaluates the comprehensive analysis, logical thinking, on-the-spot contingency, language expression and related professional knowledge of the interviewers, and finally determines the interview according to the position number Qualified candidates.
Fourth, physical examination
Interview qualified personnel, the need for physical examination, at their own expense.
Fifth, hiring
On the examination and examination of qualified persons, Chongqing Military Industry Group Co., Ltd. and its labor contract, to determine the probationary period and probationary period and probation for the trial, the expiration of the trial, the formal adoption of qualified examination.
Sixth, remuneration: Negotiable.
(Contact: Mr. Huang Tel: 63077313)

Navigation Group key positions - avionics engineer+

Job Description:

description of job:
Position: Avionics Engineer: Number 2
1. Engaged in engineering design of fixed-wing and helicopter, design and improvement of aircraft electrical system, complete design and implementation of avionics system design in model design, assist in selecting the right supplier equipment, guide the troubleshooting of avionics system, write aircraft product Electrical system reports and technical documentation;
2. Participate in aircraft and helicopter technical support;
3. Participate in pre-study.
Two terms of service:
1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above (aviation class 211 and above priority), aircraft design, electronics, mechanical and electrical integration and other professional graduates, have some work experience is preferred;
2. Has a solid professional knowledge of basic theory, a broader knowledge and strong practical ability;
3. To be proactive, with strong ability to organize and understand foreign languages and express their ability;
4. Have a good command of English and be proficient in reading English.
5. Health, love aviation industry.
Contact: Zhang Luying Tel: 88791722